Meet Cindy


I have been an animal rescuer since 2005 and have worked mostly with rabbits but have also been involved with ducks, geese, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, cats, and rats. I volunteer at the Orange County Animal Care Center in Tustin twice a week.
Over the years I have learned a bit about bunnies and try to help educate the public on their proper care. I often tell potential owners at the shelter the top three things when considering a pet rabbit:

Please get your rabbit fixed, give them tons of playtime, and unlimited hay!
There are, of course, several other important aspects to having a rabbit but if you do this you’ll have a happy rabbit!
Where to get your rabbit fixed for less? Click here

Please note: The Rabbit Corner is not a facility. It is merely an educational website.
I do not take in bunnies.
I believe networking (via social media) has proven to be extremely effective so I encourage everyone to take part in this. By all of us sharing or liking posts that we see on Facebook or Twitter the word travels fast as so many animals do run out of time at shelters.

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