Ten Reasons to Adopt a White Bunny!

10. You can’t miss them!
9. They are a real presence when they enter a room
(everyone will turn and stare.)
8. Their serene white faces always look innocent, even while making mischief!
7. When they steal an apple off the dinner table, it’s easy to find them hiding under the bed.
6. It’s so easy to trim their nails!
5. Could those huge pink ears be any cuter?
4. Their eyes always come out perfectly in photos.
3. They look especially cute with orange carrot stains on their chins.
2. Their beautiful eyes reflect love and gratitude whenever they look at you.

And the #1 reason to adopt a white rabbit …

1. When you adopt one of these precious creatures,
you are saving a life!

On a personal note….
I have been working with rabbits since 2005. Over the years I have come to realize that they may have only one color and have red/pink eyes…but what they lack in appearance they make up with the most joyous personalities ever!!!!
I have never met one I didn’t adore!
I’m not the only one that thinks they are awesome!

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