Everyone bypasses the older rabbits opting for the babies but what most don’t think about is baby rabbits don’t stay babies for very long. Babyhood is quite short – about six months.  In an older rabbit the personality is already established. Rabbits personalities vary like cats and dogs. You know what you’ll be getting. With babies one never knows what will happen. It is myth that the more you hold a baby rabbit the more affectionate it will be.

When a rabbit is adopted from a shelter it seems to understand you have rescued it and are all the more thankful because of it.

Most adult rabbits are litter trained or can easily be trained once spayed or neutered.

Millions of rabbits are killed yearly in animal shelters across the country. Too many humans dump their rabbits because their “cuteness” is no longer there and the novelty has worn off. Children have grown up and parents don’t have time to look after Thumper or Bugs. The poor, sad, and lonely rabbit ends up in a shelter where for the most part it will be put down due to lack of interest. This, unfortunately, is quite common.

Life span of a rabbit can be anywhere from 8 years to 14 years. By adopting an older rabbit that time is cut in half. Don’t be alarmed by high expensive medical bills. Not all rabbits go through intense medical procedures late in life.

By adopting an older rabbit you are offering them a safe haven to live out their life in a comfortable home with a human they can trust whether that be for one year or five.