Keeping your bunny cool in heat!

Rabbits are pretty hardy and resilient animals, but they do much better in the cold than the heat. When temperatures reach over 85 degrees, rabbits can start to experience heat related stress. Rabbits can die from heat stroke, so it is important to help your rabbit stay cool in the summer. They don’t pant like a dog or even sweat like a person. You can always add a wet cool wash cloth along the backs of their ears. If they are in great distress…get them to your vet immediately!

As a volunteer at the shelter we have a challenge during the heat.
Ice bottles are provided for the bunnies to lay against. The bigger the better and they’ll last longer!
Keep fans turned on to help rotate the air and keep the flies away
(fans are not on the rabbits directly)
Ice cubes are added to the water bowls (we have to provide that ourselves)
Ceramic tiles for them to sit or lay on inside their cages
Once they get out to exercise the concrete is hosed down.

I also prefer to fed them romaine lettuce for their greens. Romaine tends to hold more water than most vegetables which of course will keep the rabbit hydrated.

I know many are not happy that the rabbits are still outside at the shelter but keep in mind —we have better, cleaner, and more spacious cages that are now located in the northeast corner of the shelter which is much far cooler than where the rabbits were just two years ago. Our rabbits are also housed in the shade. When the sun starts to set we have shades that help keep the sun away.

Of course the ideal is to get them into air conditioning but that option isn’t available to the rabbits at the shelter. But I hope it’s available for your rabbit at home. If not, consider the garage and onto cool tiles or concrete. Always use the internet to get as much information as possible. And never put your rabbit into your pool to cool off. It could go into shock.


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