Bonding your Bunnies

Bonding Bunnies
One of the most common questions I get asked at the shelter is
“How do I bond my rabbits?” There are numerous ways to bond bunnies and there are people that you can pay to bond your rabbits because it is time consuming and often people don’t have that much time for it.
But I am a big believer in doing it yourself.
Once you know…you’ll always know!
To begin with please read this great article by Suzanne Smith click here.

First, both rabbits must be spayed or neutered.
I have links on this website for local areas in Orange County – click here. Both low-cost places listed do a very good job. Orange County Animal Care Center offers spay and neuter for only $40 when you adopt from them.

Before you begin consider this….
One of the bunnies will be the dominate and the other the submissive. Two submissive bunnies will ignore each other and two dominates will fight. Try to match up the personalities before you bond your bunnies. So if you have a super easy going rabbit you’ll need a more dominate one to bond with them. Male and Female are the easiest to bond in my experience.
While both rabbits are recovering from their surgery, make sure they live side by side in some cage or x-pen. Be sure they can’t stick their noses through the cage bars. By living next to each other they be able to see and smell the other rabbit without having to actually be in the same pen with them.

After a few days, put Bunny A into Bunny B’s pen and put Bunny B into Bunny A’s pen.
Do this once a day. Do not remove any of the items in the cages…only the rabbits get moved.

This is a great technique taught to me years ago and it’s never failed me.
Do this for at least a month. Males need at least a month (or more) to recuperate fully from their surgery and get their hormones leveled. Females need about 3-4 weeks as well.
If you have a pair that have been fixed for quite some time this technique still applies.
Remember, bonding is stressful to rabbits. So the more passive bonding technique is used the easier it will be for the rabbits.
So when do you introduce your bunnies?
From this point I re-direct you to Suzanne Smith’s article.
Just remember — no two bonds are ever alike and some bunnies do bond quicker than others.
But in the end, nothing is sweeter than two bunnies that love each other!
Happy Bonding!


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