The Rabbit Corner


This website is full of educational articles about rabbits to help you so you’ll have an enjoyable experience with your pet.
Rabbits are endearing, fun, charming, curious, quiet, and just awesome! Be sure to read through this website to learn all about your rabbit…and other furry friends!

Adopting from the Orange County Animal Care Center.
It’s a great place to find a pet rabbit, dog, or cat
(and other pets as well.)

Click here on on bunny for a list of adoptable rabbits at OCAC.

•Rabbits should always be spayed/neutered – learn more!
•80% of a rabbit’s diet is hay! – learn more!
•Rabbits can never have enough exercise or mental stimulation!
•Rabbits get bored! Provide them with things to play with – learn more!
•Bonding Rabbits – click here
•Baby Rabbit Care –
click here

Be sure to Google ideas to make your
bunny’s home special.

Be sure to use “YouTube” for more ideas about bunny care.
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Bunny Toys!

Please note:
Any person who willfully abandons an animal is guilty of a misdemeanor.
Rabbits released into the wild (parks, fields) will die from predators, starvation,
or sickness.
It is against the law to abandon domestic animals and is punishable by law with
a fine and/or imprisonment under the California Penal Code Section 597s.

Last updated: 05/26/18