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This website is full of educational articles about rabbits to help you so you’ll have an enjoyable and long life experience with your pet.
Bunnies are endearing, fun, charming, quiet, and just awesome pets! But please do your homework and see if a rabbit is the right pet for you.

Be sure to use “YouTube” for videos about bunny care. 
Just type in “Bunny Care.”

Are you looking for a pet rabbit?

bunny heartConsider adopting from a shelter. The Orange County Animal Care Center in Orange has a variety of social, loveable bunnies for only $37.
They also offers spay or neuter for the low cost of $40 if you adopt there which I highly recommend! It will make your rabbit happier and healthier!
Click on the rabbit for a list of adoptable bunnies greenarrow2

links headerPlease note: This is an educational website only not an actual facility. We do not take in bunnies.  If you need to find a home for your rabbit please click here.

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Last updated: 1/23/15

The Rabbit Corner